Our Programs

Home Makers Women’s Groups

The women who participate in Home Makers groups self-select based on their need and circumstance in life.  Economic circumstances motivate these women to join up with a Home Makers group.  Groups are formed organically because they are effective and seen as a felt need by the participants. Often when people move from one location to another, they work with the Home Makers staff at forming new groups. Word-of-mouth is the “advertising” that is used to spread the word of and hope that comes with being a part of Home Makers. Participants are welcomed regardless of faith.  Zonal Coordinators also work with community and religious leaders to select participants and beneficiaries.

Interfaith Groups

Muslim and Christian women from Jos and environs are invited to participate in these groups. 

Invitations are sent out at the beginning of the year to 15-20 organized community groups (Christian and Muslim) of women that have been formed in order to support themselves.  Of these groups, 5-7 women may respond.  Not all of these women may come to the monthly meetings so an average of 25 may come each time.  The Home Makers office is the venue that is used to hold the meetings and it has a capacity limitation of 35-40. 

Drug Addicted Youth

The Director of Home Makers made exploratory/relational visits to groups of drug addicted youth close to her community.  Currently these are the youth who participate in this program, but leaders in other communities who have become aware of this work have given invitations to Home Makers that they should also engage with the drug addicted youth of their respective communities.  Thus, it is expected that this work will also increase over time.



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